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July 2015: Watch my self-produced, self-filmed, ... self-everything short film Smile:
June 2015: Finished my self-filmed short film "Smile" for a German Short Film Competition at the International Munich Film Festival 2015.
2 rules were given:
#1 - Topic: LOVE
#2 - 3 minutes max.
I'll post it here soon.

March 2015: In Rome for a week-long seminar with OSCAR® winning director, screenwriter and producer Paul Haggis. I'm ready to listen, act, and be inspired.
February 2015: Berlin, here I come...again.
January 2015: Happy New Year 2015. It's going to be a great year!
fall of 2014: Back in Los Angeles: I'm working on a new project, doing acting workshops, and ready for some cool auditions.
July 2014: My new English and German Demoreels are online now.
July 2014: Lucid Body anyone? Monika Gossmann is teaching Fay Simpson's technique in Berlin. Let's see what it's all about.
June 2014: New Demoreel coming soon!
June 2014: Remember the feature film Herbst ("Autumn") I shot ages ago? You know, the 1st World War movie where I play the lead? It's been way too long.... BUT ... word on the street is that the movie premiere will be at the end of the year. Let's wait and see...
May 2014: I'm in beautiful Berlin for an intensive 3 months Meisner workshop at the Actors Space Berlin.
February 2014: It's the end of the month. Just finished a crazy week-long Chekhov/Meisner/Method workshop with Kristian Nekrasov in Vienna. Getting a first, but very intense, taste of Meisner's Technique makes me want to dig in more. My previous acting training will definitely be invigorated and spiced up ... :-)
February 2014: In Cyprus for a longer break.
January/February 2014: In Rome and Athens. Need I say more?
I saw Spartacus not far from Circo Massimo. Strong. So strong!
Oh, and Ahashverosh aka Xerxes, while having a mouth watering Gyros somewhere in the Anafiotika part of town, told me about the real rules of the Olympic Games. I think I was too distracted by Esther to remember anything.
November 2013: Goodbye Los Angeles. I think I'm moving back to Europe for a while.


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determined. kind. critical. thankful. nomadic. believing. analytical. helpful. observant. polyglot. demanding. reflective. confident. fighter for righteousness. musical. fragile. intelligent. sentimental. complex. serious. thoughtful. creative. precise. tenacious. attentive. strong. introvert/extrovert. ambitious. moody. curious. trustworthy. intense. suspicious. naked. sober. strange. hungry. perfectionist. intuitive. honest. sometimes brutally honest. altruistic. lonely. romantic. forgiving. independent(ly) dependent. resourceful. inquisitive. blessed.


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